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Posted by on Jan 20, 2017 in Featured Articles, Other Articles |

Spring Lamb

Spring Lamb

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As you may be aware Supermarket Lamb can be cheaper than your local butcher, this is because it is “wet-aged” by being vacuum- packed immediately after slaughter. So it can be rushed onto shelves for sale sometimes providing a tough, tasteless piece of Lamb.

At B.Radford & Son Traditional Family Butchers we have a all year round supplier who picks the best grass fed Lamb from around the UK, so you can be assured that our Lamb will be at it’s BEST available whatever the time of year!!!


Spring Lambs are born in late winter or early spring and usually sold before the month of July. Lambs in our shop in the early spring months are when its at its best. Very succulent and with a delicate flavour that comes from a combination diet of their mothers milk & fresh grass.

Lamb is without a doubt a excellent source of Protein & Zinc which helps the immune system, also high in Iron and B Vitamins makes it very good for your blood. A very long winter has prevented farmers from getting their new lambs out onto pasture this has meant that it has been hard to source Spring Lamb at our shop. It’s only now just becoming available, so come and see us for some 100% British, delicious, sweet & tender cuts of Lamb.

At B.Radford & Son Traditional Family Butchers we love the delicate flavour of New-Season Spring Lamb, so why not try some !!!!