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Posted by on Jan 24, 2017 in Other Articles |

Why The Butchers?

Why The Butchers?

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Ever bought meat home from the supermarket only to find that what looks appealing in the packet is actually boring and lacking flavour when it is cooked?

Or have you ever taken a trip to the butchers for a special occasion such as Christmas, a family roast, BBQ or ask for a cut that the supermarkets just don’t have?

Was the meat (and cooking of course) superior enough for yourself and others to notice the difference in quality?

This needn’t happen anymore! Every meal can be as good as the last!

The point is this…

If you’re going through the effort of cooking a good meal and you start with a good product and good quality ingredients then your workload is made so much easier and enjoyable!

We offer all types of cuts that the supermarkets just cannot offer and just do not make available!

They only sell you what they want not necessarily what you want or even need.

You will always been limited by off the shelf products in supermarkets and that is exactly why we encourage you to come and visit us for a totally different shopping experience with endless choices and options!

Come and visit us soon! We’re look forward to meeting new faces in our shop each and every day!